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Miniature Appleyards

Miniature Silver Appleyards

The Miniature Appleyard was created in 1980 by Tom Bartlett, who wanted to develop a smaller version of the Large Silver Appleyard, renowned for its egg laying abilities and beauty.

The Miniature Silver Appleyard is an extremely hardy bird, and lays a significant number of eggs in the spring and summer months. They are extremely good garden birds, as they enjoy foraging on slugs and snails. 

Mini Appleyards are extremely sociable birds, and are incredibly inquisitive and friendly, particularly towards young children.

We breed from two bloodlines - one pair is from a mixed line, for additional diversity, and our remaining Appleyards were sourced  directly from the world-renowned Soper line.


Silver Birch breeds from three pairs of Miniature Appleyards, and we usually start hatching at the end of February, before ending our Appleyard hatching cycles in July. 

We are able to supply pet, breeder, basic exhibition and elite quality Miniature Appleyards.

Our Miniature Appleyards retail for the same amount as our Call Ducks and Black East Indians, allowing every client to have the opportunity to purchase a pair or trio of these splendid birds.

Please see our 'Pricing' page for more information or, if you would like to reserve some birds, please visit our online store.

Miniature Silver Appleyard

Photograph 1: A pair of breeder quality/basic exhibition young Appleyards.

Photograph 2: A basic exhibition young female Appleyard.

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