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Black East Indians

The Black East Indian is an ornamental breed of bantam duck which is thought to have originated in the United States. 

The Black East Indian usually weighs around 1kg, and they fly well if their wings are not clipped - we can do this for you free of charge when you purchase some birds. Black East Indians are quieter and usually less sociable than call ducks.

We hold two strains of Black East Indians - one of our trios were sourced from David Richardson, and our other trio is from the Soper line. Both bloodlines are renowned in the industry, and are respected strains. Some of our Black East Indians were sourced imported from Germany!

We sell our Black East Indians at the same price as our Call Ducks and Miniature Appleyards, allowing every client to have the opportunity to purchase a pair or trio of these magnificent birds. We can provide pet, breeder, basic exhibition and elite exhibition birds.

Please see our 'Pricing' page for more information or, if you would like to reserve some birds, please visit our online store.


Black East Indian
Black East Indian Ducks
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